I call this one, the snow as it was inpired from a picture of the snow.

This was my second attempt in the abstract world! It started from a picture of my best friend, Maria, and it end up like ..... this 😸

This was my first attempt in the abstract world! I started from a different pictures and worked it in order to get this strange form 😸

I call this one, the bottle. I was inpired by a bottle of water when I produced the following.

The idea was beautiful ... and it produced even more beautiful images than we could hope for! Welcome to Italy, in the Abruzzo Park.

The trees can not speak. But, fortunately, we can film them! This is the great idea that the Abbruzzo National Park has had in Italy. For a year, he left a camera facing a tree in an Apennine forest. Every time an animal passed by, the device, capable of detecting movement, was triggered. Result? Magical images, surprising and full of poetry.

Facing the camera, always the same tree, but also badgers, wolves, wild boars, deer, foxes ... A great video that reminds us all of the happiness that a forest can have a living. Look: