Files of a pacman installed package

September 29, 2019

Reading time ~1 minute

This is something I had been asked for by an Arch newcomer.

The short version

$ pacman -Ql package-name

The long version

$ pacman --query --list package-name

What does the manual say?

-Q, --query

-Q, --query
    Query the package database. This operation allows you to view installed packages and their files, as well as meta-information about individual packages
    (dependencies, conflicts, install date, build date, size). This can be run against the local package database or can be used on individual package files. In the
    first case, if no package names are provided in the command line, all installed packages will be queried. Additionally, various filters can be applied on the
    package list. See Query Options below.

-l, --list

-l, --list
    List all files owned by a given package. Multiple packages can be specified on the command line.