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This video is just awesome. I saw it on National Geographic, and I was really surprised by the iguana's skills.

This show us how much we keep learning from our mother nature.

Let's talk about nslookup, a fantastic program that I use with funceble to get information about domain(s).

What is NSLOOKUP ?

nslookup is a program that will help us or a sysadmin find out the corresponding IP address of a domain name. It can also give us the host name for an IP address.


Let's try to get the information about

Valid domain name

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
Address: 2001:8d8:100f:f000::22e

Invalid domain name

$ nslookup funilrys.comm

** server can't find funilrys.comm: NXDOMAIN

This is pretty useful if we want to know if a domain is still active or not.

Non-authoritative answer:


It's the domain name.


It's the corresponding IP (IPv6 and IPv4) address of the domain name.

Let's talk about whois, a fantastic tool and protocol that I use with funceble to get information about domain.

What is WHOIS?

whois is a program that will tell us the owner or at least the hosting company of any domain name.


Let's try to get the information about

$ whois

As you can see once you executed the command, you get all information about

Today I start a new adventure with funceble, a new script to check domains or IP availability.

Funceble is now described as:

[an] excellent script for checking ACTIVE, INACTIVE and EXPIRED domain names.

Where does the idea come from?

The idea of the script came under a discussion around the famous Steven Black's hosts file(s). Indeed, the hosts file is really great but the main problem is that the there's probably many domains that do not exist anymore.

So I planned to write funceble.

An explanation of the script ?

A full releases changelog can be found here.

Special Thanks

Thank you for your awesome hosts lists, support or contributions which helped (and/or still help) me build this script. :smile: :+1:


Thank you for your awesome ideas or contributions which make or made funceble better!! :+1: :100: :1st_place_medal:

Supporting the project

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